Blendraw posters

Star Wars posters with Blendraw

Ready to simplify your view of the world?
Blendraw is a unique skill development game helping children learn how to explore, create, and comprehend abstract images.
Abstract thinking is the foundation of our daily existence. It is how we make decisions, react to our environment, and experience a situation.
As children grow up in a world of overwhelming quantities of information, abstract thinking will be more important than ever as thinking doesn’t exist without the ability to abstract a thought.
To help children comprehend abstract images, Blendraw players determine which parts of an image are critical to its interpretation and understanding in the most efficient way possible.
Using mosaic tiles, players create beautiful images with two basic shapes: a square, and a quarter slice of pie. The quarter slice can be rotated 90 degrees by simply tapping it with your finger to select your desired shape. With these limited shapes, children are able to separate the necessary information from the surrounding noise and see what matters.
Players create depth and boundaries by selecting from a wide variety of colors that blend together for an amazing effect and deeper understanding of how our visual senses interpret images.
The beauty in this simple game is its ability to teach children how to think abstractly while identifying the primary and secondary traits of any image…and the opportunity to see what matters in the world around us.
Artfully designed, and user-friendly, Blendraw is a creative, fun way to see what matters through an abstract lens.
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